Level Up Coding

LeetCore offers Web3 developers sets of gamified practice problems that cover core knowdlge areas. Problem sets include:   - Solidity  - Security & Auditing  - Solc Versioning Knowledge - Testing (Apeworx & Brownie) - Exploits (Frontend & Smart Contract)

LeetCoin - Level Up

Each challenge problem runs your solution against a suite of test-cases. Upon submission you are informed about if your solution solves the problem presented or not. 

Challenge problems can be either free style, where you are presented a scenario or challenge and need to write a solution that solves it, or discovery problems where there is a challenge in the code presented and you need to resolve it. New problems are added regularly and are designed by a mix of the LeetCore team, community members and Web3 industry partners. You can solve problems pseudo-anonymous by simply connecting your wallet, each problem you solve or help design accrues points which make you eligible for exclusive prizes and help you get discovered by top Web3 companies.

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